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Vehicle Look:
Carwell products are active multi-chemical compounds which form a film on the metal. The vehicle will initially appear to look wet but as time goes by the area will appear to dry but the rust inhibitors will remain active and working.

Dripping and Spotting:
Some dripping will occur for 1 to 2 days after application. The product will not harm asphalt or concrete. Any small spots appearing will dissipate in time and will not leave a permanent stain. The product, if allowed to puddle, will create slippery spots. You may wish to use an absorbent or wash area to ensure a better footing.

Smoke and Odor:
You may notice smoke and odor from the underside of the vehicle the first time the vehicle is driven. This is due to a small amount of overspray vaporizing on the exhaust system. It is harmless and should cease quickly.

You may notice a grinding noise when braking. This is due to a small amount of overspray collecting on the brake lining. This is not a safety hazard and should cease after a few stops.

Carwell's products cannot stop scratches, peeling of paint or stone chips. Damage to exterior paint should be repaired promptly otherwise surface corrosion can occur.

Call to schedule an appointment.

Application takes approximately 45 minutes.

Carwell Products, Inc. Corporate Office

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Cheektowaga, NY 14227
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The Rust Cop Shop
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Dolgeville, NY 13329
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