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Client Testimonials
Carwell has been successfully serving the needs of businesses in the greater Buffalo area and across the United States since 1985. The Carwell Rust Inhibitor has been used by organizations as diverse as the United States Army to your local school district. Here are some of the comments from Carwell's satisfied customers:

United States Postal Service
"Mechanics reported that shocks and springs could be unbolted to replace rather than having to use a torch to cut bolts loose. Emergency brake cables last longer and freeze up less. All wiring harness areas show no signs of green corrosion. Door locks work better and freeze less in cold weather... With the benefits of applying Carwell Rust Protection we expanded this program to all U S Postal Service vehicles in the Western New York District. We now have the Carwell product applied to 2300 vehicles at 125 separate locations."

Roberts Equipment Inc. "As an OEM manufacturer and equipment supplier, we have used the Carwell Product since 1992. We have found by applying the Carwell product on plow equipment, material spreaders, street sweepers and entire plow chassis', that the product has severely reduced the corrosion occurrence that normally occurs in the harsh winter environment that we must endure... In summary, with the increasingly competitive markets and the rising cost of equipment today, we believe that as an OEM it is in the best interests of our customers to recommend only the best products on the market that can ensure less maintenance cost and less breakdown of equipment, day to day, year to year."

Churchville-Chili Central School District
"With the very high cost of panel replacement, labor and repainting we feel that your system will save us many hours of down time and will cut the high cost of repair. Without your Carwell system, I am sure we would be repairing rusted panel and buses before their time, therefore, we have had six more used buses put in the system and will soon be having it applied to other buses and trucks in the fleet. In short, I would thank you for introducing your product and would highly recommend it to any fleet looking to extend the useful life of their vehicles."

US Army
"After four years testing--Now the product of choice for corrosion protection!"
And many more!

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