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TESTING SPECIFICATION FOR APPROVAL: T-32 has been thoroughly tested by third party independent testing and excelled in tests conducted on behalf of the military- US Army Tank Automotive Command (TACOM) Minimum requirements for Approval for use:
  • Accelerated Laboratory Test - Dayton T. Brown (GM 9470P) - Method B - 80 Cycles
  • Stationary Test (3 years) on vehicle doors conducted at Cape Canaveral
  • Field Test conducted in Hawaii (1) year
There are numerous other Tests conducted by the military which have the T-32 listed as approved for use and the results are available on request.

Product Testing - over the years the military has conducted a number of tests on Corrosion Prevention Compounds (CPC) that are commercially available at the time of the testing. Carwell T-32/CP-90 have been tested and excelled frequently and been approved for use by the military. One example is: Marine Corps - Testing CPC for Occluded Sites - 2007. Carwell T-32/CP-90 was the top performer in controlling corrosion on pre-corroded steel lap joints and crevices. Other products tested were Fluid Film, Zero Rust, Rust Block, LP2 and others. The study was conducted by Southwest Research Institute.

ARL Testing - CARC Paint Compatibility - It is the finding of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) that the Carwell CP-90/T-32 corrosion inhibiting spray exhibits no deleterious effects on the Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) system based on strict adherence to Manufacturer’s application procedures and satisfactory completion of the following tests:

a)   ASTM B117 - salt fog (modified) 500 Hours
b)   GM 9540P - cyclic corrosion test (modified) 25 Cycles
c)   ATC test track - pre-exposure to live agent
d)   Live agent testing (per CARC specs)
e)   ASTM G53-Flourescent UV Condensation (QUV)
f)   ASTM D3359A - Wet adhesion
g)   ASTM D3359B - Dry Adhesion
  h)    ASTM D4541 - Pull-off adhesion - HATE
i)     ASTM D522 - Mandrel bend - adhesion
j)     IR - per CARC specifications
k)    Gloss - per CARC specifications
l)     ASTM D3363 - Pencil test (film hardness)
m)   DS2 - resistance

The ARL observations were that T-32 did not soften the CARC system. Those IR specifications were met following proper curing and washing and CARC retained its resistance to DS2.


Product Availability:

Rust Cop
Available in 12 oz. aerosol cans

Available in 16oz. pump spray bottles, 1 Quart replacement bottles or 1 Gallon jugs

Available in 5 gallon pails with pump

Applicator Systems
2 Quart Pressure Pot (T32)

5 Gallon Pressure Pot


Aerosol Products cannot be shipped via air at this time

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