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Since 1991, Carwell Products has provided a unique, mobile rust prevention application service. Carwell has an extensive program with NYS for corrosion control for NYS school buses (currently working with Leonard, NY Bus Sales, and Matthew Bus Sales and servicing over 200 school districts).

When the time comes to purchase a new bus, consider Carwell Products! Our proven product and trained technicians will come to you to provide annual protection to more areas of your bus than anyone else in the marketplace today.

When you purchase your bus through an approved distributor, the cost of adding a 5-year, 10-year, or even 12-year application program may become part of the purchase because it is state approved. This further means that this program qualifies for state funding! In many cases, the cost to treat a bus with Carwell rust inhibitors will be less than $25.00 after state rebate.

Older buses can be added to the program, too. We can directly add them to our annual visits and assist you in your fight against corrosion!

And you can purchase some very affordable do-it-yourself systems to reapply our product after maintenance and repair (touch-up applications).

Contact us or contact your local distributor for more information!

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